Róisín Woods

Irish retailers for the first time have access to the European eCommerce Trustmark through the exciting new national eCommerce Trustmark launched by Retail Excellence Ireland in conjunction with Ecommerce Europe. Only 2% off Irish retailers are currently compliant with data protection, privacy regulations and consumer laws which is something the implementation of the eCommerce Trustmark will address. On registering for the Trustmark, applicants are furnished with a comprehensive set of rights and obligations establishing a benchmark for excellence and best practice. We know retailers displaying a Trustmark on their websites have experienced increased conversion, lower barrier to entry for cross-border trade and increased consumer confidence with 65% of consumers in Europe saying they will shop with a retailer displaying a national and Ecommerce Europe Trustmark over a retailer that does not display any. I would encourage any online retailer to sign-up to the Retail Excellence Trustmark as not only do you have peace of mind that you are compliant but it encourages sales and consumer trust.

Roland Koster

For us, the Trustmark is useful because consumers see it as useful. When they see the Trustmark, they know they can use a secure payment system, and can make use of a dispute resolution mechanism. Consumers show trust in the Trustmark, and this helps to build up their trust in us

Marion Sieber

Security and trust are fundamental cornerstones of e-commerce. We find that, especially for cross-border buyuing and selling, they are ensured by a regular check for compliance with laws and standards provided through the Trustmark

David Carro

Increasing consumer trust has always been a goal for Vodafone. Confianza Online’s and the Ecommerce Europe Trust Marks let us give confidence to our clients as a certificate of compliance with quality standards. Both Trust Mark’s values are 100% in line with our customer care philosophy.